About Us

The Kingdom of Lucerne, Inc. is a living history organization 
concentrating on Europe and its colonies from the year 1000 through 1700 A.D.


    The era is one of change throughout virtually all aspects of human existence. "Living History" does not mean reconstructing actual historical people or events. A living historian spends his or her spare time reproducing daily activities from a historical period. These activities may include sewing, weaving, singing, dancing, music, brewing, fighting and many other aspects of civilian and military life.

     The Kingdom of Lucerne, through demonstrations, talks, and hands-on activities, strives to illustrate some of the ordinary facets of life during this period. Our members have varying experience and expertise in many areas and have a growing reputation for enthusiasm and accuracy.  All of our presentations are supported by numerous years of historical research. Our dedication to accuracy can be seen in our approach to public entertainment and education, and also in our attention to detail.  Our clothing and the construction techniques for example are drawn from surviving examples and other primary sources.  

    The Primary goal of the Kingdom of Lucerne is  education, both of our members and the general public.  We often go to schools and provide a view of history that is visual and entertaining as well as informative.  In keeping with our primary goal, we have also instituted scholastic awards for high school seniors who are planning to attend college. 

Current Officers and Board of Directors

David Woltman, President

Gordon Clayton, Vice President

Chelsea Rietschy, Treasurer

Kathy Fulginiti, Trustee

Melanie Woltman, Trustee

Raymond Rizzo, Trustee

Articles of Incorporation of Kingdom of Lucerne, Inc.